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Full Stack Developer

Démarrage souhaité: 05/06/2022


Yago (ex-Seraphin) Belgian InsurTech showing a solid growth and and having recently closed its 3rd fundraising, is looking to recruit an experienced Full Stack (or Backend) developer to participate in the development of its technology, to increase its speed of delivery and increase the seniority level of its stack and its team.The objective being to build a solid team together over the long term, we are thus looking for a person with whom we will build a relationship of trust for a period of at least 2-3 years!

Mission of Yago (ex-Seraphin) 🎯

Yago (ex-Seraphin)’s mission is simple: simplify day-to-day insurance for its thousands of customers. So far, this mission has been accomplished through an insurance broker business model (insurance advice / sales and support during claims). Yago (ex-Seraphin) has now the ambition to scale (Flanders and internationally) and will thus develop a unique flexible insurance product covering all the needs of its customers.

Job description

Tech and stack context ⚙

Yago (ex-Seraphin)’s current technology is extremely well maintained (94% test coverage, A-grade quality on CodeClimate, many monitoring in place, CI / CD, 100% linting, static code analysis, all processes and architecture documented in GitBook well kept up to date). Future technological developments and innovations can therefore be made without having to support legacy code. The Yago (ex-Seraphin) stack is:

  • Ruby on Rails for the main Monolith
  • Vue.js for the Frontend
  • Tailwind for the CSS
  • AWS Services + AWS API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda serverless in Node.js.

To better understand our stack, our values and our way of working, more info in our Playbook.

Preferred experience

Requirements & responsibilities 👩‍💻

The desired profile will ideally have 3-6 years of experience as a developer (full-stack or backend). A good knowledge of:

  • any OOP language with min 3 years of experience (Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, …)
  • Relational Database (regardless of the technology: MySQL, PostgreSQL, …)
  • Javascript (vanilla Node.js) or one of its backend variants (Express, Next.js, …)

Cherry on the cake: experience and / or knowledge in:- Agile / Developer productivity- DevOps / CI & CD- systems management in production- AWS experience (EC2, S3, Route53, Lambdas, Gateway, Cloudfront)- Frontent JS (React, Vue.JS, Angular)

The opportunity to seize is to join a growing team (7 devs) and to take a fundamental place there to influence strategic development initiatives.

Being product-market-fit for 2 years, Yago (ex-Seraphin) has a very clear view on the challenges that awaits!

  • Consolidate the existing platform
  • Keep innovating in the regular insurance market
  • Launch new POC for new markets 💪

The Full Stack dev will work in direct collaboration with the CTO and the product team for everything related to the product/business aspects of the developments.

The mentality within Yago (ex-Seraphin) is fundamentally benevolent and aims to develop ownership and a sense of initiative in each employee. The profile sought therefore demonstrates intellectual curiosity, empathy, and should be passionate about new challenges and learning opportunities.The candidate will independently define his priorities and his responsibility within the team, according to the areas of added value and the aspirations of each. Previous experience in a start-up / scale-up type organization will therefore be highly appreciated.

Recruitment process

Apply 📧

Yago (ex-Seraphin) is based in Bruxelles. Ideally, the candidate would start in their new role as early as May 2022.

Want to apply ? 💪

Are you interested? Please apply at Yago (ex-Seraphin) Welcome to the jungle to quickly explain your candidacy and organize a meeting.

Detail :

  • Start of the work: ASAP
  • Remote policy: available for 90% of the time
  • Hiring process: interviews with

    • HR
    • CTO
    • Co-CEO
    • IT Team

Nos offres d'emploi

Engineering & IT
Full Stack Developer
Yago (ex-Seraphin), Belgian InsurTech, is looking to recruit an experienced Full Stack developer to participate in the development of its technology, to increase its speed of delivery and increase the seniority level of its stack and its team
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Senior Front End Developer
We have the ambition to place ourselves as the reference of online insurance and are therefore currenlty looking for a Vue.js champion to help us keep building the insurance platform of tomorrow.
Click Arrow
Digital Marketeer (Nederlandstalig)
Yago (ex-Seraphin) is op zoek naar briljante en leuke mensen die de verzekering business kunnen transformeren, een team kunnen trainen en hun doelen verwezenlijken.
Click Arrow
Product Management
Head of Product
We are looking for a Head of Product to drive the product landscape at Yago (ex-Seraphin) and help us revolutionise the customer experience in insurance and financial services in Belgium.
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Lead Product Manager
Within Yago (ex-Seraphin), we are looking for a new Lead Product Manager to join us in building a high performing insurance services and contract management tools..
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Sales Business Developer - CDI
9 mois en tant que Business Developer et 6 mois de Corporate Development, [et la suite...]
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Business Developer - Stage rémunéré 6 mois - Avril/Mai/Juin
Yago (ex-Seraphin) est en plein dévelopement et recherche des gens avec la fibre commerciale et entrepreneuriale pour booster sa croissance.
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Sales Manager Vlaanderen
Het vergelijken en kopen van verzekeringen online, deze beheren vanuit een persoonlijk account, schadegevallen aangeven en opvolgen terwijl je geadviseerd wordt door experts. De verzekering was nog nooit zo eenvoudig!
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Vlaanderen - Sales Graduate Program - Insurtech
Wil je de wereld van start-ups beter begrijpen en werken in het hart van één van de Top 100 InsurTech bedrijven in de wereld? Help ons dan om de wereld van de verzekeringen te vernieuwen!
Click Arrow
Sales Lead Life Insurance
Yago (ex-Seraphin) est à la recherche d’esprits brillants, capables de transformer le business de l’assurance, d'entraîner une équipe et de cartonner leurs objectifs
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